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"I found the quality of this product to be substantive, as it is intended for use by our high functioning Grades 6 through 12 Students (of which there are many). This is not a typical vocabulary building program. The sophistication level of the word samples is very high, and this will invariably stimulate more intense attention to the content, spelling, etymology, and numerous possibilities for application."

Favorable Mention of Superior Vocabulary

From a senior editor of the National Council of Teachers of English: "I can see where your vocabulary program would be useful, especially for students studying for high-stakes exams, such as the SAT and the ACT."


"Thank you for your letter of April 6 and for sending me a copy of the "Superior Vocabulary" CD.  I can see how this product would be very attractive to schools.  We can send sample copies of your CD to our members cities if you are able to provide us with about 120 free copies and any promotional material that explains the purposes of the program.

Thank you for sending me a review copy of your new software program, Superior Vocabulary.  I found this product to be extremely well organized, easy to use and an excellent resource for increasing literacy and vocabulary skills.